What I offer

Code of conduct

Only one thing guides all my life drawing sessions (LDS) and that is RESPECT! As long as we are all respectful to each other then we can go very far all together and truly enjoy what we do. If any of the boundaries are breached let's talk about it and try to fix the situation.

A new way of drawing nowadays 

Virtual LDS: after you purchase your ticket follow the instructions you'll get with your email confirmation.

The session will be done using ZOOM, a very reliable, safe and easy to use platform!

I'll create a unique Meeting ID at every session, no need of a password. You can use any device you like to join us. 

You'll also find a "Join from your browser" link, this allows participants to bypass the Zoom application download process, and join a meeting directly from their browser. This is a workaround for participants who are unable to download, install, or run applications BUT, please, note that the meeting experience from the browser is limited so it's highly recommended to download the app for a better experience.

Please, bare in mind the different time zones, the session are held in London. Have a look at the grid below.

 For Privacy reasons remember that screenshots and recordings of the sessions are 

 If someone breaches these Ts&Cs will be reported and banned from future Virtual LDS events.

I want every event to be a safe and enjoyable for everybody.

Make sure your internet connection is strong enough to avoid annoying disruptions and delays on what you see.



















Pictures/share your drawings

I always ask you to send your drawings to me via email, Instagram, WhatsApp or directly on my website at https://www.joedaviesart.net/file-share.

I ask for permission at every session, I only publish the drawings on my website, I don't post them on any other social media and I do not tag people unless we both agree on that.

A Great Way to Learn

We begin each session with short, gestural poses and move up to longer sustained poses.

The sessions are mainly open to gay men but you're all welcome so don't be afraid to join us!

If you're an absolute beginner and if you've never picked up a pencil before in your life don't worry, just come and draw, there is not right or wrong in art! 

I always try to get a different life model for each session.

Life drawing session types

Find here the full list of the events' types I run.

- Artistic: this is a normal and ordinary life drawing session where you simply draw the model/models in different poses, usually poses last between 3 and 20 mins but we can always discuss together about the poses duration.

I always try to get different models to pose for my sessions so that you can practice with several body types.

- Tutored: every now and then I arrange sessions with a tutor who can be either an expert in life drawing giving you advice and suggestions on possible techniques you can use or it can be a session where the tutor gives you fun exercises for you to try something completely different and challenging.

- Duo/Trio: often I have multiple models posing at the same time adding an extra challenge to your drawings!

-   XXX/Erotic/Naughty: these are sessions open to whoever (men, women, straight, gay) likes to experiment something different. The model/models will pose in a naughty way of course.

Being RESPECTFUL is the key of all my sessions, as long as limits and boundaries are respected we are all happy. I can guarantee it is a safe environment so do not be afraid to come along if you want to experiment something new.

- Themed: sometimes I like to get people into themed sessions like the ones I do in Christmas time :)

- Naturist option: my sessions offer the possibility to do naturism, this means the artists can also draw fully naked. For some people this is a way of having more connection with the model and being more in the mood of life drawing, this can also help in getting better results on your drawings.

Please, be aware, there might be other artists not doing naturism so they'll stay fully clothed, also non-naturist artists be aware you might find fully naked artists.

Pricing & Packages

Tickets for the Virtual Life Drawing Sessions on zoom are £5 ONLY!

Students always get 50% off on all the sessions. Use the coupon code "STUDENT" at the checkout.

Don't forget to have a look at the page "Plans & Pricing" and start saving money!

Become a model

I always pay my models.

If you are interested in posing for my sessions email me on info@joedaviesart.net.

Write a short bio of yourself and remember to attach a few pics of yourself where I can clearly see face and body.

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